The Magic Bus is a rare, limited edition DIGITAL ART COLLECTIBLE SERIES that features digital artwork of vintage camper vans and busses.Everyone was 'on the road' one time in their life. This is a reminiscence of that time.There will be both static and animated versions, as well as collaborations with known artists in the Digital Collectible Art Space.Collectors will also enjoy non-exclusive rights to the IP and are allowed to sell the image as physical merchandise.PROPERTIES
Each bus artwork is randomly dropped and comes with a unique set of properties. These properties include:
Season, Time of Day, Location, and Magic Mushrooms.
The Season property determines what season the bus is in, ranging from Spring, Summer, Fall, or Winter.The Time of Day property determines what time of day the bus is in, ranging from Dawn, Day, Dusk, or Night.The Location property determines where the bus is located, ranging from Desert, Forest, City, or Mountains, countries, space, the future, etc. and will be made up on the spot by KUSH as he creates the project.Lastly, the Magic Mushrooms property will be based on the visual representation of where or how the mycelium presents its fruit in the scene.Collectors can use this information to identify and track each bus, making it a unique and exciting experience.Pricing and Drop Date to be revealed soon!

*All properties are being created 'on the fly' by KUSH and will be added randomly as the project progresses.

The next DIGITAL COLLECTIBLE series from KUSH, Magic Bus, brings together several of his most formative experiences.Tom Wolfe’s The Electric Kool-aid Acid Test, a book which detailed Ken Kesey’s experiences on the road on a psychedelic bus called Further, deeply impacted KUSH's view of the world.KUSH then lived with Ken Kesey, the author of One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest and a key figure in the psychedelic counterculture movement in the 1960s, when he was 24.In 1994, KUSH was on the road with the troupe in the second bus FURTHER, as an actor, sound engineer and road manager for The Merry Pranksters on Twister Tour.Magic Bus brings together all of these experiences, and invokes the time in our lives when we are on the road, living and experiencing the world in an intense and unique way.The bus trip represents the time in our lives when we have our greatest adventure and it is important to capture this moment, so that it can be remembered and shared with others.


Further photo by KUSH

Twister Tour

Twister Tour

Further 2

Even Further

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